Windows 10 VR headsets discounted by 50% on Amazon

Windows 10 VR headsets discounted by 50 percent on Amazon

Microsoft introduced its Windows Mixed Reality platform in October, with headsets from Acer, Dell, HP, Lenovo, and Samsung. After only three months on the market, Amazon is offering some massive discounts on a range of Windows Mixed Reality headsets this week. Road to VR reports that the following headsets are discounted:

Unfortunately, Samsung’s Windows Mixed Reality headset isn’t part of Amazon’s discounts. Samsung’s headset is one of the best Windows Mixed Reality devices available right now, and it’s actually sold out at Amazon at the moment. Still, if you’re looking to pick up a discounted Windows Mixed Reality headset then there are plenty to choose from. All of the bundles include the motion controllers, which are essential for some of the latest VR games.

Check out our Windows Mixed Reality guide to see what apps and games work with the headsets, and whether your PC supports Windows Mixed Reality.



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