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Twitter shut off the tweet after massive hack

Twitter shut off the power for several accounts to send new tweets following a huge hack the social media website on Wednesday afternoon, which has seen numerous popular accounts — including Barack Obama, Gates , Elon Musk, Joe Biden, et al. — tweet out a bitcoin scam.

As of 8:32PM ET, the ban seemed to are lifted, and Twitter announced at 8:41PM ET that “most accounts should be ready to tweet again.”

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Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Elon Musk, Apple, et al. hacked in unprecedented Twitter attack

While Twitter didn’t confirm how the block worked, it seemed to only apply to accounts that are verified by Twitter. Unverified accounts were still ready to tweet normally, and verified accounts seemed to be ready to retweet existing tweets.

A 6:18PM ET tweet from Twitter confirming that some users could also be unable to tweet also noted that password resets could also be disabled while Twitter works to correct things .

Twitter said an hour later that it had been continuing to limit tweets, password resets, and “and another account functionalities.” Some Verge staffers were automatically logged out of their accounts after Twitter began limiting tweets.

Twitter shut off the tweet after massive hack

Twitter’s verification system grants a blue checkmark to let users know that an “account of public interest is authentic.” Verification status is employed by the corporate to suggest that accounts belonging to brands, politicians, and other public figures are real. The verification process has been subject to many controversy over the years, and Twitter has put the verification request system on hold since 2017 (with exceptions made for political candidates for the 2020 election cycle and public health officials within the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic).

Twitter shut off the tweet after massive hack



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