How to Track Your Sleep Using Android Wear 2.0 Smartwatch

At the end of every day, all we wish that we could get better sleep at night. If we could not get proper sleep at night, then our next morning would be dull and mood-less. But, if you have smartwatch running the Android Wear 2.0, then it would be easy for you to track your sleep and get a good night sleep. So, here we are to help you do so!

As there is no built-in sleep tracking option available on Android Wear 2.0, you can use the “Sleep as Android” app to track your sleep and wake up gently. There are a lot of Android Wear 2.0 apps existing to make your day enjoyable but Sleep as Android is the best to make your night smooth. You can also synchronize your Google Fit and S Health account to analyze your fitness level. Let’s dive into this guide to use Sleep as Android to track your sleep on Android Wear 2.0 smartwatch.

How to Track Your Sleep on Android Wear 2.0 Smartwatch

How to Track Your Sleep on Android Wear 2.0 Smartwatch

Note: While using the Sleep as Android on your smartwatch, do not forget to keep your smartphone around your bed and make sure that you have enough power on your Android Wear and smartphone before going to bed.

Step #1. Download and install Sleep as Android app on your Android smartphone.

Step #2. Next, wake up your Android Wear 2.0 SmartWatch and open the Play Store.

Step #3. Scroll down and select Sleep to download.

Step #4. Once it has been installed, open watch’s app drawer and select Sleep Tracking.

Step #5. Now your Android Wear 2.0 is ready to track your daily sleep.

Well, we have found the Sleep as Android is one of the best apps to track your sleep with Android Wear 2.0. But, there are other sleep tracking apps like Google Fit, Sleep Better with Runtastic, Sleepbot, and a lot more available online that you can use on Android Wear Smartphone. If you need a good sleeping tracker along with fitness tracker, then you can use Google Fit to get the complete record of your speed, run, route, and other things that keep you fit and healthy.


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