Tinder’s new chronological Feed of recent match activity is rolling out to all users

Tinder’s Feed is now rolling out to users worldwide, the dating app company confirmed late Wednesday with a single-sentence blog update today. Feed is a chronological timeline of recent activity from those you’ve matched with; it shows your recent matches, their latest photos, and new Spotify “anthem” choices added to their profiles. Everything is listed in order beginning with the most recent changes to a profile. Users are able to comment on individual items in the feed, giving hopeful swipers an easier way of firing off a first message.

So instead of mindlessly just saying “hey,” you’ll now have photos and music interests to work with. Feed is also another way for users to kick off conversations with the long list of matches they’ve failed to chat with for days or even months. It might be a little less awkward to belatedly introduce yourself now that everyone is seeing a scrolling list of recent match activity. A match’s occupation and distance from you (the last time they opened the app) is also listed beneath each Feed entry.

During testing, the Tinder Feed showed a match’s recent Instagram uploads. But that feature has been removed from the final version.

When it was testing the Feeds feature in December, Tinder also included recent Instagram uploads in the timeline. But that part has seemingly been removed from the proper global worldwide; maybe Tinder feels that’s a little too much tracking of its users. (Your Spotify anthem changes only show up if you’ve linked your Spotify account with the dating app, if you’re wondering.) Chief product officer Brian Norgard has said Tinder will continually iterate and improve upon Feed as it hears more feedback.


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