How to Set Up and Use WhatsApp Business App on Android Phone

After a long wait, WhatsApp has finally introduced the WhatsApp Business App for its 1.3 million monthly active users. The company has made it easier for small as well as medium-sized businesses to efficiently communicate with their customers and expand the business without investing much time.

Set up WhatsApp Business App on your Android phone and get started to communicate with a customer with more personal touch. WhatsApp Business App is a WhatsApp Messenger App. There have been few changes and new features added which will help to create a strong business profile by adding an address, business description, email address, and website details.

If you have two different personalities and business phone numbers, then you can use one for business and other for personal on the same device. No further bother, let’s head over to the process to set up and use WhatsApp Business App on Android Phone.

How to Set Up and Use WhatsApp Business App on Android Phone

Guide to Set Up And Use Whatsapp Business AppNote: If you are using the same number for personal WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business, then you will have verified your number whenever you open anyone app on your phone.

First of all, let’s set up the WhatsApp Business App on Android device by following these steps.

How to Set Up WhatsApp Business App on Android Phone

Step #1. Download and install WhatsApp Business App from Google Play Store.

Download WhatsApp Business App

Step #2. Launch the app and tap on “Agree and continue”.

Continue to Use WhatsApp Business

Step #3. Tap “Continue” to allow app access your contact, media, and files.

Allow to Access Contacts and Media Files

Step #4. Enter your business phone number and tap “Next” to verify.

Enter Business Mobile Number

Note: When you use the currently registered WhatsApp Messenger, you will get a prompt to tell you that you can’t use both at the same time. Tape on Continue.

Step #5. A Verification Code will be sent to a Registered mobile number to verify the account.

Verify Business Phone Number

Step #6. In a next step, it will ask to restore a backup from the Google Drive.

Restore Backup

Step #7. Enter the business details and tap on Next. Make sure you enter the correct business name as that cannot be changed once you entered and confirmed the business name.

Enter Business Details in WhatsApp for Business

That’s it! Now your WhatsApp Business account is now ready. Share business contact number with customers and start communicating with them.

How to Use WhatsApp Business App on Android Phone

Step #1. Open the WhatsApp Business App.

Step #2. Tap on three horizontal dots at the top right corner and select “Setting”.

Navigate to Settings

Step #3. Tap on “Business Setting” and then “Profile”.

Business Settings of WhatsApp Business App

Step #4. Enter business location, business category, business description, email ID, and website’s URL. Once all done, tap on “Save” at the top.

Enter Business Details in WhatsApp for Business

Step #5. At Business Settings, you can also find three Messaging Tools:

  • Away message: To set an automatic reply message when you are away with the scheduling option.
  • Greeting message: You can set a greeting message response to your customers when they message you the first time or after 14 days of no activity.
  • Quick replies: There is also an option to set some quick replies to get your work done easily when of customers message you frequently.

Messaging Tools in WhatsApp Business

Step #6. There is also “Statistics” option under the Business Setting menu which will help to know every message details about how many messages you sent, delivered, read, and received.

Statistics of WhatsApp Business App

Well, these all are important stuff that you can use on WhatsApp Business App to communicate with customers.


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