now You can now ask Siri questions about the coronavirus (Covid-19) disease

Apple is doing its bit within the fight against the new coronavirus, and has updated its Siri voice assistant to answer some simple questions on Covid-19, pointing people towards a number of the authoritative health resources online.

As reported by CNBC this weekend, voice queries like “hey Siri, do I even have the coronavirus?” will lead you thru a series of quick questions on symptoms like a dry cough and shortness of breath.

Of course Siri is by no means a replacement for a medical professional, but its answers are provided by the US Public Health Service, and Siri can direct you to the Centers for Disease Control website or maybe get you to ring the emergency services.

For the nonce this question-and-answer flow is merely available within the US, it might appear – if you ask an equivalent questions within the UK, for instance , you will get pointed to the united kingdom government Covid-19 site immediately.

Tech vs coronavirus

Like the remainder of the planet , the tech industry is reeling from the impacts of the coronavirus – streaming services are reducing their video quality, major events are being canceled, and lots of folks are having to modify to remote working software.

At an equivalent time, the most important names in technology are lending a hand to the efforts to urge the spread of Covid-19 in check . Earlier this weekend, it had been announced that Apple is donating two million N95 respirator masks to hospitals within the US.

Google has launched its own coronavirus information hub, where you’ll find details about the virus and Covid-19 – symptoms, treatments then on. it is also displaying more relevant links alongside searches around coronavirus.


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