New Xbox Elite controller revealed in leaked images

Microsoft first introduced its Xbox Elite Wireless Controller back at E3 2015. The $149 controller has four interchangeable paddles around the back, Hair Trigger Locks, remappable buttons, and completely swappable components. It’s been a popular choice for Xbox One gamers, and even PC players who occasionally want to use a controller, and now it looks like a second version is on the way.

Several images have been posted on Chinese site Baidu that appear to show a second version of the Xbox Elite controller. An anonymous poster claims the new version will include a USB-C port for charging, Bluetooth support for Windows 10, three-level Hair Trigger Locks, longer key travel for the paddles, and a three-profile switch.

The images also show what appears to be an adjustable tension mechanism for the thumbsticks. Microsoft filed a patent in December with an adjustable lock design for the thumbsticks, and the images match that exact design, alongside three LEDs that could indicate battery life or the extra profile support.

Another image posted to Reddit appears to show the entire controller, with newly designed grip sections. The existing Xbox Elite controller has had issues with the grip sections wearing down over time, so hopefully this new design will alleviate those problems.

A source familiar with Microsoft’s Xbox plans has confirmed to The Verge that the Reddit image of the controller is genuine, but it’s not clear exactly when or if Microsoft plans to introduce this new controller. Microsoft is also testing this controller design alongside a new case that will charge it on the go. Microsoft could potentially unveil the new Xbox Elite controller at the Game Developers Conference in March or E3 in June.



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