Never forget a letter value with this Scrabble-themed keyboard

Massdrop has collaborated with Hasbro to create this delightful Scrabble keycap set that comes paired with an entry-level tenkeyless keyboard (a keyboard without a number pad) from WASD, as spotted by Gizmodo.

The custom keys come in classic Scrabble colors — beiges, a soft red and blue, and baby pink — and each one of the letters sports its Scrabble value. The keyboard also sports Cherry MX Brown switches, which give a tactile bump when pressed, so you can really be reminded of the clacking from placing down Scrabble tiles.

In addition, Massdrop’s Scrabble keyboard comes with some fun extras — one star, two triple word score keycaps, and two double letter score keycaps — so you can swap out some of your keys to give yourself a few bonuses as you type away. (It’s the little things in life, really.)

The keyboard is available for preorder starting today for $160, with delivery expected sometime in September. We’ve seen some interesting keyboards in the past, like this weird rubber one that’s actually an entire PC, and Razer’s Ornata which is the clickiest keyboard there ever was. If you’re a board game aficionado, however, maybe a Scrabble keyboard is what you’re looking for.


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