How to Link Multiple Netflix Profiles to Google Home

Playing Netflix TV show and movies on TV using Google Home is exciting and too quick. Earlier, it was only up to the single profile. When you say “Play Crown in my living room”, it would start it from your other family members Netflix Profile. That’s annoying! But now, Google Home can link to individual Netflix profiles based on your voice. Hence, it’s become easy to use multiple Netflix profile on Google Home.

Netflix was only video streaming that added support for Google Assistant. And now, Google has made it even better by adding multiple Netflix Profiles and play content via voice search. So, once you add several Netflix account on Google Home and ask to play any Netflix content, then it will start playing Netflix content where you left off on your Chromecast depend on the voice it overhears. Let’s see how you add multiple Netflix account to Google Home.

How to Link Multiple Netflix Profiles to Google Home

How to Link Multiple Netflix Profiles on Google Home to Play Content as Per Your Voice

It is quite straightforward to add specific Netflix profile on Google Home based on your voice. It can be done through the Google Home app.

Step #1. Open Google Home app on your smartphone.

Step #2. Tap on hamburger icon at the top left corner of the app to get the menu.

Step #3. Next, select “More Settings” from the menu.

Step #4. Scroll down to “Videos and Photos” and tap on it.

Step #5. Next, tap on Manage Profile under the Netflix icon.

Step #6. Now it will redirect to the Netflix’s website, and you will need to select which the Netflix profile you want to add to Google Home.

Once you have linked a specific Netflix profile by following above steps, every other person will have to go through this procedure to link their individual Netflix profile to the Google Home. From now, you don’t need to worry to get your wife’s, kids, or roommate’s Netflix content when you ask Google Assistant to play your Netflix content; It will only play content from your Netflix profile by recognizing your voice.


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