Leaked Xbox Watch images reveal Microsoft’s canceled smartwatch


Leaked Xbox Watch images reveal Microsoft’s canceled smartwatch

Microsoft was testing its own wrist-worn device back in 2013. The smartwatch was simply a prototype, made by teams that had worked on Xbox accessories and the Kinect sensor. Prototypes included a 1.5-inch display, and removable bands like modern smartwatches. Newly leaked images appear to show an early prototype of the canceled Xbox Watch.

Twitter user Hikari Calyx has published a number of images of the prototype device, spotted by Windows Central, that provide a first look at Microsoft’s canceled hardware. The device appears to support heart rate monitoring, GPS location tracking, and dedicated app workouts. The interface is similar to that of Microsoft’s canceled Band wearable, but more in keeping with the tiles found on the Xbox UI back in 2013.

While Microsoft previously fielded a range of smartwatches back in 2004, under the SPOT brand, both it and Nokia had been experimenting with bringing a modern smartwatch to the market. Nokia’s “Moonraker” smartwatch was ultimately canceled, and Microsoft proceeded with its own Band hardware. Microsoft has clearly given up on any plans for wearable devices running Windows 10, and the company is now focused on Surface hardware, Xbox consoles, and bringing Cortana to devices like the GLAS thermostat.

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