How to open Bitcoin account

People have become increasingly interested in looking for online profit opportunities as well as entertainment through social networking sites. There has been an increase in the number of websites that provide this, such as the betting sites that have become widespread, especially in countries that deny gambling games on the ground. Trading foreign funds and emerged after the role of the invention of an official currency can be traded and profit, including, “Bitcoin”, which is one of the highest currencies are more than the dollar and the euro and other currencies. But what is Bitcoin? How to open a KFH account? How well do you benefit from this account? And this is what we will remind him in this subject for those looking for the Bitcoin and open the account in it.


The currency of the Bitcoin

Is a digitized digital currency used online that can not be used in shops, cafes or other real places on the ground unless these shops and others deal with this currency, it is a decentralized electronic currency is not at the disposal of any banks or parties or governments derive its strength from people , The policy of supply and demand is controlled by, a global currency can be converted to any other currency but retain its value, it is the electronic currency easier and better and has a wonderful future.You may need to open an actual homeowner account for your benefit. You will find many online product selling sites offering a 10% reduction in the price of your product. If you make a payment through Bitcoin, it is indeed tempting and useful. Regardless of this point you will find that Bitcoin has advantages We will mention the following:


1.   The conversion in the Bitcoin is done directly without any intermediary being done between the seller and the buyer directly.

2. Taxes on transfers are very low compared to other currencies.

3. Used in any country in the world.    You are the sole owner of your account so no one or anyone can freeze your account.

4. There are no limits to conversions. The process of opening a KFH account The Bank of Block Chain is one of the most famous banks dealing in this currency. Registration in Block Chain Bank and opening an account is one of the easiest banks and you can withdraw your balance from it. Any company that deals with the Bitcoin currency and you can deal directly with the online banking intermediary. Here are the steps to register and open a KFH account:

1 – You must enter the bank through its link is

2. After entering the bank link, you will find the Create a New Account or Portfolio page in Block Chain Bank.

3 – In order to receive the currency of the Bitcoin you must write your e-mail and password.

4 – You must be sure the validity of the pass number and be good and safe which consists of letters and numbers in English, and then select the word continue and click on them.

5 – After completing these steps will show you a page with a very important sentence is the only key to your password and your account in the bank Block Chain must be kept away from any individual and preferably in a special external paper and should not be kept on the computer or mail To ensure confidentiality.

6 – After these procedures click on the word Continue and then you will find the bank opens the login page automatically and you will find a confirmation email to activate your account.

7. You will find the “Link” link, the link to activate your e-mail and “Confirmation Code”, which is the code that you will write when you drag and deposit in your electronic wallet, keep it with the rest of the previous information.

8 – After the above steps you will find a link to activate your email on your mail, click on it will bank transfer you to the confirmation page, and thus confirm the email successfully.

9 – Click the word Login Now you will see the login page to your bank account Block Chain and you will find the login name automatically.

10 – Register your password and enter your bank account, then you will find your home page started and you will find your code at the bottom of the page to keep it is your code and you will use it with other companies that deal with the electronic currency (Bitcoin) to receive money, The Digital Currency Calculator has been completed and activated.

How Bitcoin works?

Bitcoin is a smart currency that you can convert into another currency you want either the dollar, euro or any other currency. After you collect the Bitcoin by means of a grant or sell a specific product, add it to your e-mail and you can access it and find out how it goes through your mobile, anytime you want to switch it you will find many companies and exchanges working in this field.

How to buy a Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the currency of the future and is a fun way and available to anyone with a home account and has a code of your own You can put your code in the program in the currency and then determine the amount to be paid and then the money is sent to the site you want and can buy what you need, To your account.


How is the deposit in the KFH account?

In order to deposit in the Bitcoin account you have opened, you must have another account to transfer from. Then choose your Bitcoin deposit, enter the value of the number you wish to deposit, and click Continue. You must register your email address to communicate with you. If a problem occurs, after clicking Continue, a third-party processing will begin to complete the Bitcoin transaction. A new window will be found where you will find the QR Code and the transfer will be followed. A confirmation email will be sent to complete the transaction successfully.There may be an additional charge if you switch from any currency to Bitcoin. You may encounter a change in the price of the Bitcoin at this time. It is subject to market transactions so you must first identify the Bitcoin price at this time before the transfer. Abstract: The currency of the coin currency is easy to handle and you can convert from any currency to your home, it will be used in the near future in all walks of life. Bitcoin is the easiest and it does not take long to activate it, but you must keep your secret numbers in a separate sheet so as not to be stolen by hackers deployed on the Internet.Open your KFU account now and enjoy all these digital currency privileges!


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