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How to create a site

How to create a site

You can create and access a Web site that includes a set of Web pages with interconnected content by visiting the home page of the Web browser by following these steps:   

 1 / Sign up with a company that provides web hosting service through web servers, so that the person can upload his files there

 2 / domain registration The website, meaning the URL of the website to be used by visitors, and click to access the site through web browsers, such as the Internet and Firefox

3 / Planning the shape of the site In order to design it in a good way, the type and purpose of the site is determined, with the sitemap defined, and the content it will contain, such as texts, images, videos, the way visitors navigate the pages of the site,

4 / Use the programming languages ​​dedicated to the design of the website, in addition to the language of CSS pages, which can determine the form of the website, it is worth mentioning that there is a dedicated set of software that helps design sites can be used

5 / Publish the website after completion of its design, by uploading the website files to the web server using FTP, or by some special applications provided by the company hosting the site

6 / Promote the website through various search engines, by making the content of the site suitable for search engine standards

Types of websites

There are a variety of websites that differ in terms of content, and of these types: –

* Blogging whose content includes writings by some individuals about common themes among them

*Social networking sites are social networking sites that enable users to interact with each other, share conversations and news, which are often used by teenagers and young people.

* Search engines are sites that are used to search for specific topics on the Internet, and which highlight the topics related to the subject that the user is looking for

* Forums are sites used to exchange debates and dialogues on specific topics

* Download sites and share files, sites that enable users of the Internet to share files of various types

* Commercial Sites There are two types of business sites, namely corporate and organization sites, websites for companies and organizations, to promote the company’s products and services, e-commerce sites,

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