WOW.. Google is reportedly facing a new antitrust probe from California 8

Google is reportedly facing a new antitrust probe from California:

California has reportedly opened its own antitrust investigation into Google, Politico reports, which might mean the search giant is now facing antitrust probes from every state within the US bar one. it’s not known which aspect of the corporate California’s attorney general is investigating, but recent scrutiny has focused on its acquisitions, and its dominance and conduct within the ad tech market and search markets.

The probe would be just the newest antitrust investigation faced by Google. Last September, attorneys general from 50 states and territories announced an antitrust investigation into Google’s advertising and search businesses. At the time, California and Alabama were the sole two states to not participate within the probe. California’s non-participation was particularly notable, since the state houses Google’s Mountain View headquarters. This latest news could leave Alabama because the only state that’s not investigating the corporate . California’s probe will reportedly be break away the investigation announced last year.
“All but one state could now be investigating Google”

Simultaneously, the Justice Department’s broad antitrust review it announced last summer into Big Tech has reportedly focused in on Google, and therefore the department is assumed to be working closely with the state-level investigation. Google confirmed its involvement within the Department of Justice investigation last September, when it said it had been asked to supply information to the agency . A suit from the Department of Justice could arrive as soon as next month, consistent with Politico, but it’s not known whether the multi-state investigation will continue separately then point.

Scrutiny has also come from congress, where Google CEO Sundar Pichai is predicted to testify later this month as a part of the House Judiciary antitrust subcommittee’s inquiry. CEOs from Amazon, Apple, and Facebook have also agreed to testify as a part of the investigation.

The FTC has also asked Amazon, Google, and Facebook to show over evidence into their acquisitions and mergers.

Both Google and a spokesperson for the California Attorney General declined to comment to Politico on its report. “To protect the integrity of our work, it’s our practice to not discuss any pending or potential investigation, even to verify or deny their existence,” a spokesperson for the attorney general told Gizmodo.

As well as hosting Google’s headquarters, an antitrust investigation by California is critical because the state features a large staff dedicated to antitrust and competition investigations, Politico notes, and its Cartwright Act and Unfair Competition Act antitrust legislation s are more broadly interpreted than federal antitrust probe law within the past.

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