How to Delete Nintendo Switch Games

For games, Nintendo is like a fallen angel, as it has some or the other thing for every gamer. A lot of new and fancy games are in the line to be released by the end of 2017. That means you’ll need to have more space on your Nintendo to get them. By default, Nintendo offers 32GB of space, which seems adequate. But you’ll eventually run out of it when you get more games.

Of course, there is a way to delete old games that you no longer play. But before deleting them, you should know that you can always upgrade the SD card capacity in order to retain all your games. Another option is to get the physical version of the game, which will install only a fraction of it on the console while the majority of the data is kept in the physical version.

But for any reason, if you are still running out of space on your Nintendo and wish to delete some of the Nintendo Switch games, below is the tutorial that will guide you in the process.

How to Delete Nintendo Switch Games

How to Delete Games on Nintendo Switch

Step #1. Turn ON your Nintendo switch, if you have not already done it. Once the switch starts, press the “A” button.

Step #2. You’ll need to fully unlock your Nintendo Switch. To do so, press “A” button three times.

Step #3. At the Home Screen, use the Joysticks Joy-Con controller to highlight the game you wish to delete.

Step #4. Now on the Joy-Con controller, press + or – key to enter the game details section.

Step #5. In the game detail section, select “Manage Software” from the list of available options.

Step #6. Here you will have two options. Archive and Delete. We will proceed with Delete.

A thing to note here is that even if you delete the game, the game data is still saved. That means you can return to the deleted game anytime and continue your quest. All you’ll need to do is to reinstall the game from eShop or through the physical version of the game.


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