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Craiglist competitor Letgo adds housing sales to its secondhand marketplace

Craiglist competitor Letgo adds housing sales to its secondhand marketplace


Letgo, an upstart competitor to sites like Craigslist, is probably best known for a few cute commercials that have made the rounds over the past few years. While it may not have quite the same level of cultural relevance as Craigslist, the secondhand marketplace app is getting a big addition today with the option to let users sell or rent houses and apartments on the app, according to TechCrunch. (That’s a big jump from used bed frames and scooters.)


As noted by TechCrunch, Letgo is one of the most popular shopping apps, third only to Amazon and Wish in the iOS App Store’s Top Free Shopping list. The app faces plenty of competition from larger secondhand stores like Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist as well as other apps like OfferUp that look to offer similar services.

It still looks a little weird to go and buy a house from an app-based Craigslist competitor, but it seems like the sort of expansion Letgo will need to continue to hold its own against Craigslist and Facebook, both of which already offer similar functionality for listing home and apartment rentals.

According to Letgo, the new feature is rolling out now and should be available to all users by the end of the month.



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