Amazon released a gold version of the Kindle Oasis

Five months after launch, Amazon is introducing a second color option for the Kindle Oasis: champagne gold. The e-reader still has a dark gray trim on the front, meant to make the text pop, but the back of the device is covered in a pale gold aluminum.

Other than that, it’s the same as the standard Kindle Oasis: waterproof, with a 7-inch, 300-ppi display. The only distinction is that Amazon won’t offer it with 8GB of storage or with a cellular connection, like the original Oasis. If you want the gold model, you have to get with 32GB, Wi-Fi only. It’ll be available for $280 with ads and $300 without.

Though Amazon’s Fire Tablets have been offered in a number of colors, this is the first time a Kindle e-reader has been offered in anything other than black or white (or whatever you want to call the grayish aluminum back on the original Oasis). The gold color could help Amazon better position the Oasis as its premium model and give customers another reason to pay for it. As it is, most of its features can be found on the $120 Kindle Paperwhite for under half the price.


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